Welcome to the ‘ CHL Leaders Podcast’ presented by CIBC! We know that no league in the world develops and sends more players to the NHL, but did you know, that the CHL is also one of the world leaders in providing scholarship support for hockey players continuing education? CHL Leaders is dedicated to telling the stories of those who used the CHL’S Education program to launch their life after hockey.

The Canadian Hockey League is the umbrella organization of the the three Major Junior Leagues in Canada – the Western Hockey League, the Ontario Hockey League and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

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7-Eleven Junior Hockey Magazine is a weekly syndicated radio show that profiles the excitement, news and insight of Canadian Junior Hockey across Canada.

Host Gino Reda of TSN, along with our cast of expert hockey journalists from across the country give listeners the latest news and insights to the personalities of Canada’s game.

The topics: CHL, Hockey Canada, CJHL, World Junior Championships, Memorial Cup, Grassroots player development, leading personalities, leading scorers, coaches, NHL Draft prospects, grassroots news and events… all
presented weekly with the “inside” information about Canada’s passion and intrigue with our national winter sport.

Canada is the world’s leader in Junior Hockey and for the past 30 years, 7-Eleven Junior Hockey Magazine is Canada’s only nationally syndicated radio program that exclusively covers this area of our sporting and cultural fabric…


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